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Bobinsana Essence (15ml)

Bobinsana Essence (15ml)
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This essence helps me to heal my heart. Is a beautiful teacher of self-love. Will recommend this essence to anyone. thank you! Review by Julia Olimpia / (Posted on 01/09/2019)
Spirit of Joy and Love
The spirit of the plant is definitely there, my mind is blown. I have dieted bobinsana in the Amazon and wanted to strengthen the connection. Some of it was very strong, direct dialogue and insight into spiritual love and joy, and some was very subtle, working on the energetic system in the night. Thank you Mimi! Review by theobromananda / (Posted on 15/05/2019)
Finding a Connection
I'm writing this review a little late, but I can say that the essences have assisted in the way in which they say. The bobinsana with balancing heart and mind, allowing me to connect with both.
Review by Tina / (Posted on 07/04/2019)
Heart opening
I’ve been taking bobinsana essence 2 weeks and have noticed I am making decisions from my heart and feeling more centred aligned relaxed and hopeful. Bobinsana energy is light and supportive I’m seeing it as a new friend that is guiding me wisely throughout my day Review by Emma / (Posted on 06/02/2019)
Great product!
I received the product very fast, used the essence without strict diet ( took 3 drops once in a while): the presence of the plant spirit is quite strong, im still going through a process with it... will definitely buy more, thank you Mimi =) Review by Marina / (Posted on 03/09/2018)
Brings good vibes & energy
After a week of an urban dieta i found the bobinsana to bring good and healty energies also feeling of the heart getting opened day by day.
Thanks Mimi! Review by Adir / (Posted on 26/08/2018)
I had two essence of Bobinsana for my diet with Master Plants in the city .
I was expecting something obvious from the plants, because my imagination loves fantasy. Anyway, I wanted a change and it was a difficult time for me. And sometimes I thought the diet doesn't work or I do something wrong.

But I must to say that the most important thing happened. Now I feel that my mind is changing. And it's not so obvious, but it's Deep. Today I found myself in peace, with changed priorities. I feel so much joy and many other things happen now. Yes, it is heart opening

And I'll do it again

Thank you Mimi ! Review by Artem / (Posted on 18/05/2018)
Closer to my heart space.
I love this tincture! I took Bobinsana in the jungle of Peru and wanted to still feel connected to the medicine while I was home. This tincture helped me remain close to my heart space which has drastically opened up while in Peru. I especially enjoyed taking it 20 minutes before meditation or going to bed. Review by Anita / (Posted on 20/04/2018)
Heart opening
Beautiful dear sweet bobinsana a true gift of sensual softness a peace of mind. A warm sweet embrace of loving care. Filling my heart with so much love. Thank you. Xxxx Review by Louisa / (Posted on 08/03/2018)
Great essence
The essence got here faster than I expected considering it was an overseas purchase. I couldn't be happier with the Bobinsana essence. I had previous experience with the plant in the Amazon and upon resuming my relationship with this teacher I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my dreams and furthermore in meditation when I succeeded in stilling the mind the plant is visionary. It lacks the light that enhances the visions such as what chacruna does for the ayahuasca vine but nevertheless I was quite taken by the presence of the plant spirit. I would not hesitate to undergo another dieta with Bobinsana or one of the other essences from Sacred Tree Essences. Review by Apollo / (Posted on 30/07/2017)

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